The Brown Brogues



I asked Brian to try to remember his best joke of all time. This is a big ask since he has been collecting and repeating jokes in place of conversation for most of his life. However, when mixed with rugby scores, this does seem to suffice to keep large portions of the population happy on the sofa in front of a big screen. What’s not to like?

Anyway, back to the jokes - the first one he mentioned was too filthy, the second relied too heavily on mime ( the duck shooter one for those of  you who know Brian’s jokes) but then he remembered this, it is so funny – hope it translates from the oral to the written ok.


There was this young man in London who took his shoes in to a small back-street shoemaker to be re-soled and re-heeled. He left them there intending to pick them up in the next week but unfortunately war broke out the very next day and he immediately signed up and was sent off overseas. He was stationed in Canada and then spent several years fighting in Europe.

 After the war he went back to Canada and married a girl he had met there. They settled down and raised a family and he did not return to London. After thirty years, his wife died and so he went back home for a holiday. He remembered the shoes and so decided to see if the shoe repair shop was still there.

He was very surprised and pleased to find it in the same spot, and behind the counter the same chap that he had left the shoes with all those years ago. He asked about the shoes, and the chap said,

 I remember you - brown  brogues?  -  yes,

Re-sole and re-heel? -  yes,

To be picked up?  - yes,

They’ll be ready on Tuesday!!


Ya gotta laugh. L