Step away from the bench

This photo has nothing to do with it but I just thought it was so funny.

OK, so I admit it, I was wrong about the Nashville TV show. It has already turned into a facile American Kardashians-with-country-music. It's a shame but I might keep watching just to see what the limp little husband with a secret that is spelt out for us as though we are all half-wits, does next.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Brian is pretty good. Not better, not worse, we just go forward.

I was in a café the other day, forced into the dreaded children’s part because all the other (grown up and peaceful) parts were so crowded and I heard this PC father say to this tiny wee dot; “Good sharing Tallulah (I made the Tallulah up but it may as well have been that). Good sharing? Is that what they say to kids these days? A friend told me a hilarious story of the PC daughter-in-law saying to the one-year-old – “Please step away from the bench” when the child was having the major tantrum and kicking all the cupboards – too funny.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love children especially juicy fat little ones like Prince George , and especially when they are held in the arms of their mother and not breaking things in my house or kicking the back of my seat on the plane. And I seem to be liking them a bit more lately, I think it’s something to do with a rewind of the biological clock. I didn’t know it came around again to give you a bit of a rev up over grandchildren. Of course, no grandchildren round here, and now that Teddy provides the cuddle factor, there probably never will be.

So I have to “work on my attitude”, smile and act interested while everyone tells me their grandchild stories, after all, they act interested in my Brian stories. And I need to be sure not to ask either offspring any questions about babies, pregnancy or possible candidates to help produce one. If I happen to meet a random grand-baby belonging to someone else, try to see the funny side when unmentionable stuff leaks from both ends of their wee bodies and say "cute, cute" all the time. Also, start to learn that new vocab which includes - step away from the bench and good sharing.  Doesn’t seem too likely right now, but then again, nor does the prospect of a grandchild to practise it on.