Body double


The cat came back! I must confess I was starting to believe that he was actually gone for good. But no, not so simple. He has been up there at Peka-Peka, practising the dark art of impersonation, obviously with a measure of skill as the scam has lasted for quite a few weeks.

 It seems that a very kind but rather elderly couple of Peka-Peka residents had noticed that their black cat seemed particularly hungry and was wolfing down double the amount of food he usually ate.  This seemed odd but there was not much else to raise their suspicions. I am not sure what was happening to the rightful resident and heir, either he had been ousted or perhaps Ted was wise enough to make sure that there were never two black cats in the house at once.

He mastered the skill of lifting the cat flap when no one was looking and was then free to stroll around the house at will and was in fact finally apprehended sleeping on the bed, trusting I guess that he had this body-double thing down pat and the switch was undetectable. Not so. He will not be getting that call from the GCSB and learning how to do secret hand-shakes after all.

He is now back home in Thorndon, looking a little dazed and bewildered but otherwise no worse for wear. The chop and the chip are imminent.


13th May