Nashville - yeehah


On account of how I have such a boring life these days, I am very fixated on television. I even had a few goes of watching Dr Phil. Although I love him, that is just bridge too far on the sloth front, so have had to kiss him goodbye (reluctantly). But what about Nashville? – the new show about an ageing country music star? It has everything, kind of like Dallas Does Country. The hair, the accents, the rocky relationships including a J R Ewing look-alike in the father with huge American fake white teeth and the music, apparently the same person who wrote the music for Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Television is such a miserable apology for entertainment these days and believe me, I need entertaining, so a programme that seems to offer, music, tolerable acting, big hair, fancy clothes and a bit of dense relationship action, could just fit the bill. Then again, they have probably packed all the good bits into the first episode and now it will limp toward lame story lines, silly unbelievable characters and aliens or vampires somewhere. But I hope not.

 Am I the only one who is sick of all this ridiculous vampire action? Hate to sound old, but I really can’t get it, but of course can’t get much on television at all these days.

Fantastic that The Art of the Architects has been a stand-out star. My dearest friend Sue Donald was the research background of that show and I know she would have been proud to see how well it has done and how it worked out.

So, telly, sewing, eating, drinking, trying to be more than a blimp - that is the story of my endeavours right now along with a renewed romance with Trade Me. Many hours can be spent held in the arms of that hypnotic old trickster, promising more than he ever delivers. But then again, bored beggars can’t be choosers. L

PS There have been no recent sightings of Teddy, starting to look as though he may have slipped the net. Another trickster.