You won't believe this

Remembering Mandy

My beautiful sister, Miranda, died in February last year aged just 54. We are all still trying to come to terms with her death and I miss her a lot.  She was a calm, resourceful and independent woman who had lived for many years in Australia where she worked as a doctor. She set up the first Doctors in Homes programme which aims to help older people stay in their homes rather than going into care by providing a full medical service for them at home. Her death was a terrible blow to her husband and beloved daughter,Hannah, but also to those of us that loved her here.

Yesterday Reuben, who runs himself ragged working day and night, took an uncharacteristic ten-minute break to look in a Wellington auction house and found himself drawn to a very large  old table. For some reason, he climbed through the furniture and had a look underneath it, and to his chilled surprise he found in big black letters Mandy’s name written underneath. I recognise her hand-writing.  It appears that the table, an old school art table or something had been put in to the auction by our old school and in her last year there, Mandy, unbeknown to us all, must have written her name on the underside. Very bad behaviour for the private school girls! I guess it has sat there, undiscovered for all these years.

It is very freaky, a last message from her, and the co-incidences that brought this to us are uncanny. The chances of us seeing it are immeasurable, Reuben never goes to the auctions and it seems as if he was kind of drawn to it.

We can’t believe it but we will buy the table.


Next day

I am very sad to say that we lost the auction for Mandy’s table. We are very disappointed but could not compete with a very determined dealer from the Wairarapa who obviously had the well-appointed and large country kitchens of his clients in mind.   

But we did see it, maybe that's enough and we have the pictures I guess.