29th April

Incognito - not

We still haven’t managed to repatriate the cat, Teddy, but while he may think he is living incognito in a remote coastal village, nothing could be further from the truth. His days undercover are numbered! The locals have him in their sights and are taking note of his every movement. So while he lurks seemingly unobserved behind woodsheds and under decks, the net is closing around him. He creeps over to backdoor bowls and tasty bacon treats at his peril, and his freewheeling beachcombing days are an illusion. As he slips stealthily between the back lawns and verandahs, he is being watched. The Peka Paka dog walkers and gardeners have their eyes open and Teddy moves amongst them with watchers on high alert.

I am sure this life of the homeless rover will soon be over for him, he will relinquish his membership of Freedom Fighter Inc and the constraints of family life will envelop him again. He will find, as many have before him that “freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

PS Thanks to all the eagle-eyed Peka Peka people who are looking, feeding and worrying about naughty Teddy. L