Pink Palace

Life is like a box of chocolates

 Forrest Gump was right about life but what he didn’t say was that even the hard ones are sweet. Easter at Foxton Beach is like a soft centre.

 I think from the outside it must seem as if we are living a life of only sorrow and grief but actually, inside it there are moments of joy and many jokes. As things change around us, we adjust and a different normal becomes ordinary. I have learnt to walk slowly too and to look for the little things that count. The sun on the veranda, fabulous hot cross buns (made by Laura), the quirky, singular little town of Foxton Beach.  They may have been small things in the past, but they are big things now. Here are some of the reasons why we love Foxton.

Seven Secrets about Foxta del Sol

1             The weather is better – they say there is a halo over Foxton Beach that you can see from the air, and it hardly ever rains.

2             The locals are friendly and unpretentious– the only gangs you ever see are the Swinging Willies Club who arrive in the weekend for a latte at the café with their big shiny expensive bikes. They have a coffee, stand around looking at their bikes for a while and then they roar off again leaving us to our peace.

3             The Four Square sells wine and nobody cares if you buy two bottles at a time. You can head down there in your ugg boots, everyone else is wearing them too.

4             The fish and chip shop sells the best scallops ever, and you can wear your ugg boots there as well.

5              You can do whatever you fancy to your house, eclectic and eccentric house fixing up is de rigueur. All bets are off when it comes to DIY; whatever you fancy is fun. You can paint it pink and paint the caravan to match, erect fairy lights around the veranda and go mad with the chainsaw and trim all the trees into lollipops. You can concrete over the lawn and make a garden of pots and little statues or grow courgettes the size of small dogs in a lush vege garden.

6             You can play tennis at the tennis courts, ride on the BMX track, swim in the indoor pools, swim in the sea, walk on the beach, drive your car up and down the beach, walk on the  groomed walking tracks, get lost in the massive sand dunes, play golf on the golf course, snoop around the junkshops, buy books from the excellent second-hand book shop,  watch the rugby on Sky or just drink and eat at the local bar, read your book in the sun or just sit and sleep in it like Brian does.  

7             The beach is amazing, wide and wild.

9             The Little White Rabbit Café is cool – cool different food and cool friendly energetic young people.

10           and you can buy a house for $100,000.


Oops that’s 10 secrets!!