15th April

Menu Envy

Reading menus is my hobby, I always read the whole thing, take ages and drive Brian mad since he always just orders the first thing he recognises on the menu. This demonstrates quite clearly our different attitudes to food. Nowadays, with so much time on my hands, my mission is to make sure he eats well because to him it is no more than fuel. So it is right back to cooking up a storm, carrot cakes and all. But it is quite fun and he eats everything he is given without complaint which is rather lucky.

 I am absolutely certain he has never experienced menu envy. You know that thing where you spend ages figuring out what to order, my decisions always based around whether I am sticking to my diet today or not, and then the person next to you gets the thing you know you should have had, the dish you were considering but decided against.

I have found a solution - all menu envy sufferers take note – what you do is you order the same thing as the person next to you. This can have unexpected consequences of course, I found myself eating ginger rice the other day and since I don’t even like rice, was a bit of a blunder. But generally, the wish-I-had-that moment is ameliorated a little.

Today it is daycare again, it seemed to come around so fast but the getting organised and out the door part seemed easier this time. And he returned very buoyant, says he will be driving the mini-van next time!!

Perhaps I am starting to get the hang of this not working gig. There are some unexpected pleasures, all these rainy days when I can just turn over the page in my book instead of walking yet again in the rain and howling wind to work and I have time to just fiddle round. Something I have never really experienced before. Even had time to fiddle round so much that I left the dye in my hair too long yesterday. It is now alarmingly blonde – I look like a Debbie Harry try-hard. Brian and I were laughing at the idea that I would never have thought at 25 that when I was 60, I would have white blonde hair?  Oh these are strange days.


16th April

Royal Fever

So it’s pouring with torrential rain and Wellingtonians head on downtown to stand in the rain and wait for a glimpse of the Royal Show. What kind of crazy is that? Well, it turns out to be my kind of crazy. Egged on by Laura, I headed into town to see what we could see.

The city was weirdly quiet, with the roads closed, no traffic and every head pointing in the same direction. I was trying not to run since I was so late and didn’t want to look too keen.  But made it with plenty of time and the rain stopped, even a burst of sun.

 So there we all were, a little gang of patient waiters, crushed together and having a very friendly old time. The Poms, old hands at royal watching recounting all their other times, “Oh, yes, Prince Charles shook my hand.” And the wee boy who could only see bottom of our coats, the jocular chaps from the office across the way trying to pretend they weren’t really interested and the Mums pushing their little girls to the front. We got a bit bored and a bit hot but then there she was, right beside us. It was strangely emotional, so pretty, so immaculate, so composed, a princess after all.

Mostly I just saw other people’s heads, if I come back again, I am going to be tall. And as we all wandered back to our lives, everyone had smile for each other, a bit embarrassed to have even been there, let alone loving it. But, there is nothing like a small feel good moment is there?

Right, now to figure out how to make Hot Cross Buns. L

 17th April

Rain and Rats in the Roof.      

OMG, the rain!! In our house with a tin roof and no ceiling, when it rains hard you can’t even hear yourself think. Oh, for my insular office life.

And as for domestic dramas, I fear there must be a dead rat somewhere up in that roof because there is a shocking stink upstairs but I can’t see any dead anythings anywhere. Honestly, all that gooing over the royals seems lifetime ago. Now I am trapped in the house like a caged animal and trying to find dead ones in the roof. How quickly things can change!