Get the picture?

Looking good, note the white(ish) curtains

Home Decorating for the Financially Challenged

14th April

Home decorating for the financially challenged

My chair went well but made the sofa look lame, so now it is the cushions!  Gosh, cushions are actually quite hard, getting that piping straight without a commercial machine turns out to be no mean feat.  My mother knew more than I thought. However, perseverance and oodles of free time a fabulous pink extravaganza will build. Plus, had a brainwave while I was driving up to Foxton, (where the pink palace is located). The  original vile curtains which resembled some unmentionable thing in a baby’s nappy have long been ripped down and consigned to the cupboard but those bare windows seemed bit chilly and spartan in light of the pinkness, so I thought of turning them around, using the lining as the actual curtain facing out. Folded the tape over and hey presto, new white curtains. Not exactly high designer chic but better than the chopped liver horror that was there before. And free. My mother and my mother-in-law would be proud of me.

Here’s some photos, what a skite I am.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and following my blog. It makes me feel as though you are all with me, it helps. We are a very big gang on this website,  more than 2000 strong. I guess I might have started something here.