Daycare at the hospice

14th Aril


Daddy Day Care

The hospice angels have arranged for Brian to go to daycare for four hours once a week. A break for me and a change of scenery for him. Halleluiah – four hours to myself. Whatever will I do?? We had been teasing him and saying he would be learning weaving and how to make those pictures with macaroni, but of course it is nothing like that. More a social occasion, and even with a drinks trolley before lunch – he liked the sound of that bit.

The getting him there was surreal, an exact replica of countless mornings all those years ago getting one or other child off to daycare.  Get up early, hurry hurry, don’t want to be late. What to wear? Get the buttons straight, everything tucked it, shoelaces tied and teeth cleaned. Hurry hurry, eat your toast, I’ll pack your bag, don’t forget it. Hurry, hurry, they will be here soon. Here they are, quick, downstairs, don’t forget your bag, be good, bye.

Back inside, make the coffee, phew – what now?

Actually, Brian was quite keen on going and returned tired and happy, just the same as the return from daycare with the preschooler. He enjoyed it, apparently they had a folk group to entertain and all went smoothly. My anxiety, matching exactly the same anxiety I felt when sending my children off and of course, they return blissfully unaware that you have fretted all morning – same thing again.

And so, I wasted the morning doing the washing, reading the paper and worrying about him. Maybe I will be better at it next week

And what about the Gorgeous George and Kate’s Coats show? When I saw her step off the plane in that stunning red coat with that juicy baby in her arms, I felt a ridiculous prickle of tears behind my eyes – honestly, it is unfathomable. But the baby is so so cute, the coats are so so luscious, the red, the blue, the green, each one perfect. I must admit, I can’t help thinking of all the luggage but I guess if you never have to haul it through an airport, these are matters that never come up. Well, we’ll never be royals but the spectacle is a fantastic diversion.