You've gotta laugh!!


We have been in a pub quiz team for a few years. It’s fun, it’s silly and I am totally useless. Brian however, is pretty good as he has spent years and years storing away useless information like who won the 1954 Olympic boxing. And that is exactly what you need for a pub quiz. The things I know like what motivated him to say that to her, and what she really meant when she said this - are no use whatsoever.

We haven’t been able to go for a long time though, the noise was too much for Brian plus, while he actually does still know the answers, he can’t get them out in anywhere near quickly enough and it's all a bit too frustrating and hard. We are inveterate cheaters, old and cunning with Brian getting answers from the smokers outside, sly Googling and even begging the young barmaids who know those unfathomable questions about music that we have never heard of.

Last night, I went for the first time in ages and unbelievably we won. Not only won, got a score over 100. Who said cheats never prosper?   We got the $50 bar tab and that seems pretty prospering to me.   L


I am going to have a try to change my website around this afternoon to make it easier to get to the new information, as I am going to run out of pages soon if I keep on making a new page every time. So, don’t be surprised if it looks different next time.

28th May