I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to write and tell me what you think of my website.

Website 12. Feb, 2019


Thanks, guys.

Website 3. Jan, 2019


Nice page....

Website 13. Jun, 2018


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8. Mar, 2015

Lesley Wallis

Hi Laree

Thank you- I read you message in the Levin Z petrol station. I have been wondering what you are up to. I will email you. L

8. Mar, 2015

Larree Lust

Hi Lesley

Great to see you are still writing... we are still reading. Wondering where your walking thoughts are? Lots of love, Larree

20. Dec, 2014

Gill Press

Just loved The Perfects....... we both laughed & laughed...... Am sure you will have a VERY interesting Xmas & look forward to hearing about it..... Take care, happy holidays Gillxxx

Website 10. Dec, 2014

Lesley Wallis

Hi guys, Thanks for the message. And yes, you are right, memories are always there. Have a great Xmas. L

10. Dec, 2014

wendy and graham duckitt

Eat all the cherries you can.. cry all the tears you can ... but.... enjoy U3 together as you know you all can .. memories last forever .. Happy Xmas. Wendy and Gra. xx

Website 10. Nov, 2014

Lesley Wallis

Hi Fiona

Lovely to hear from you and thank you, it has been one hell of a ride and far from over yet. This part is turning out to be very hard - I don't know who to be and can't think how to do it.

What are you up to these days? L

23. Oct, 2014

Fiona Massey

Dear Lesley, I came across your name on Facebook and thought to myself "I know that name". I have since read your wonderful, sad and funny blog from end to beginning. Firstly can I say that I was so sad to read of Brian's illness and eventual death. You
have been an amazing, brave and courageous woman with two obviously wonderful children by your side (where would we be with out them). I can only admire your strength and candour. Secondly I want to say that I found your blog sad, funny and incredibly enlightening
all at once, I laughed and cried all the way through at your wonderful obseravtions of grown up children, cats, and life's little moments of treasure amongst a life changing and debilitating illness that has affected you all. Thank you for sharing what is
obviously a very difficult time of your life. I am sure that you as a very clever, talented and courageous woman will find something special in your future, with all your sad and cherished memories to help you get there. Much love and take care xxx

Website 23. Sep, 2014

Lesley wallis

Hi Laree lovely to hear from you. I will definitely be in touch, go up to Fox as much as I can. L

23. Sep, 2014

Larree Lust

Hola Lesley

I think you should keep up the blogs. They are an eye opener for us. We have no idea what others are going through. Lots of love and anytime you feel like company walking in foxton.

Website 23. Sep, 2014

Lesley Wallis

Hello Sue

Thank you - we are very sad but it is lovely to hear such nice memories. L

22. Sep, 2014

Susan Davidson

Dear Lesley

My son David Hamilton let me know of Brian's passing while I was in the USA. Home again and at last I have found my way to a place where I can leave you a message of sympathy. I am so sorry to know that you, Reuben and Laura must now travel through life without
your dearly loved husband and father. Things remembered across time are often quirky and random. What I remember was Brian's description of you when he first met you..'so beautiful it hurt in his middle'. !

11. Sep, 2014

Lesley wallis

Thanks Trish

11. Sep, 2014


Lesley, I have just read your blog of Brian's funeral, it sounded an amazing one especially Reuben's craft of love. We were away but we did talk of Brian and thought of you all. Love and life are richer for all of us for knowing characters like Brian.

11. Sep, 2014

Lisa Neill

Lesley it was a lovely service. You were amazing - you all were. I am thinking of you.

Lisa xx

11. Sep, 2014

Lisa Neill

Lesley it was a lovely service. You were amazing - you all were. I am thinking of you.

Lisa xx

2. Sep, 2014

Tasja Hawthorne

Condolences and hugs to you, Rueben and Laura. Thinking of you. Tasja, Brett and family.

30. Aug, 2014

wendy and graham duckitt

Sending our love to you and yours Lesley. Wendy and Graham Duckitt.

30. Aug, 2014

Anne Else

Dear Lesley, I am so sorry. I know you will be glad he is no longer suffering, but that is still no consolation for your loss of him. My very deepest sympathies to you and yours.

17. Aug, 2014

Pinky the beagle

Hi Lesley,

Im not quite sure what to say. You sound a bit depressed to me, and who could blame you. Here's hoping for a good result which ever way you look at it.


todd and hannah

16. Aug, 2014


RW and Peaches are a great example that above all else It is self focus that makes us unhappy !!!! They had everything yet nothing to sustain them sadly.

7. Jul, 2014

larrree and robert Lust

Hey Lesley, we are back from a second camino and only you know how that goes. For us our love and best wishes for the future with St James in your corner.

Website 30. Jun, 2014

Lesley wallis

Hello Karen I'm glad you like it but it is just a blog really. I put each post on Facebook but it links to the whole blog( I think). I write a new one every few days. L

Website 30. Jun, 2014

Karen Ross

can we subscribe to your feed? Love the upholstery - website below very out of date

27. Jun, 2014

Janet Hunt

Well done Lesley, love your work!

2. Apr, 2014

Jos Maas

Dear Lesley,

Monique send me a e-mail tonight with the link to your blog!

I remember when my husband (Wilhelm) left me you and Brian where so kind to me. Remember we went to the races in Trentham? Those moments I treasure, as times where so hard and being just with the kids was so weird after being married for more then 20 years
or so!

We went into different directions and living our own life's. Monique stayed in touch with Laura and I see some movement of Laura on Facebook as I am friends with her!

I felt a incredible sadness and can only just imagine how hard it must have been and is for all of you! Good on you for starting to share your story with us and I am sending you strength and love for more difficult times to come.

Would you like me to pop in? Need some help and support? Please please let me know and I will be there. Even for just a cuppe tea. Lots love,

Jos Maas